This book's original purpose (clear, well-organized introductory readings on philosophical issues about race) would be well served if anyone would write and submit (and publish) more writings and presentations on philosophy of race either at 1000 Word Philosophy, the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy and/or WiPhi, at least! (I have no official connections to most of these webpages; here I merely suggest that authors consider developing materials on philosophy of race for them).

Here are some topics:
  • A general overview of philosophy of race
  • What are races? 
    • Different theories on what races are (biological theories, social theories, etc.).
    • Mixed race: if races can be 'mixed', this seems to say something about what they are.
  • Eliminativism or conservationism about race.
  • Something on whiteness or white privilege.
  • Racism: what is racism? Different theories on the nature of racism. 
    • Why is racism wrong? 
    • Is there any kind of racial preferences that are not wrong?
  • Reparations. 
  • Much, much more! http://philpapers.org/browse/philosophy-of-race 

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