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    Biomedical Ethics (Gary Seay)
    Component on race issues in medicine
    Epistemologies of Ignorance (Alison Bailey)
    Ethical Foundations of the Just Society (Jacoby Adeshei Carter)
    Components on race and ethnicity
    Ethics in Sports (Jan Boxill)
    Component on race in sports
    Eugenics (Rob Wilson)
    Has components on feminism, race, and disability
    Introduction to Philosophical Problems (David Miguel Gray)
    Has a component on racial and ethnic identity
    Introduction to Philosophy (Craig Vasey)
    Has components on race and gender
    Law and Philosophy (Elizabeth S. Anderson)
    Component on race
    Marvelous Blackness: On Surrealism and Negritude (John E. Drabinski)
    Mixed Race Theory (Tina Fernandes Botts)
    Philosophies of Race (Linda Martín Alcoff)
    Philosophy and Race (Dan Flory)
    Philosophy and Race (Naomi Zack)
    Philosophy and the Natural Sciences (David Miguel Gray)
    Has a component on race
    Philosophy of Biology (Roberta Millstein)
    Devoted to race issues in science
    Philosophy of Race and Gender (Bassam Romaya)
    Philosophy of Race and Racism (David Miguel Gray)
    Race, Class, Gender (Sally J. Scholz)
    Race: History, Biology, Psychology, Philosophy (Edouard Machery)
    Sexualization of Western Political Thought: Sex, Race and Power (Margaret Denike)
    Studies in Ethics, Race and Justice (Peter Gratton)
    Topics in Continental Philosophy: Life, Emergence, and Evolution (Ada Jaarsma)
    Component on race